C4E has created a unique way to put money into the pockets

of anyone who wants to make money online. This is a worldwide program, and will not stop unless people decide they no longer need money.

Think of all people that require an extra income, and can do so from a one-time tiny investment. As the plan is affordable for all, it's a viable investment opportunity.


Cycler 4 Ever is a hybrid model of a cycler and a straight-line matrix combined.

Recruiting matrix with unlimited earnings.
To start with C4E you purchase a position in this matrix which enables you to refer people to join Your downline.
0.15 LTC that you pay for a position in this matrix is paid as a 100% referral commission to Your sponsor.
When You recruit Your first referral, that referral pays 0.15 LTC directly to You, and that first earning goes to upgrade You with a Stage A position in Company Forced matrix.
After that, every new referral pays 0.15 LTC to join Your downline, and 100% of this goes directly to You!
So, after your first referral, every next referral that joins your downline brings you 0.15 LTC net profit as a direct referral commission.
And the number of new referrals and these 0.15 LTC commission earnings is unlimited! As soon as your new referral upgrades - you earn 0.15 LTC from each of them.
Your referrals go through the same process, and with their first referral they upgrade to the Company Forced matrix,
so everyone keeps earning through its stages, and yes - you also earn commission there, as your referral's positions complete the stages.

Stage A:
- Give 0.15 LTC, receive 4x0.15 LTC, from that 0.60 LTC system automatically buys you Stage B for 0.38 LTC, 0.07 LTC goes to you sponsor and 0.15 LTC is your net profit - practically you have got your initial 0.15 LTC back.
Stage B:
- Give 0.38 LTC, receive 4x0.38 LTC, from that 1.52 LTC system buys you Stage C for 0.76 LTC, for 0.15 LTC buys you 1 A-stage position, 0.15 LTC goes to your sponsor and 0.46 LTC is your net profit.
Stage C:
- Give 0.76 LTC, receive 4x0.76 LTC, from that 3.04 LTC system buys you Stage D for 1.50 LTC, for 0.30 LTC bays you 2 A-stage positions, 0.20 LTC goes to your sponsor, and 1.04 LTC is your net profit.
Stage D:
- Give 1.50 LTC, receive 4x1.50 LTC, from that 6.00 LTC system buys you 3 A-stage positions for 0.45 LTC, 0.25 LTC goes to your sponsor and and 5.30 LTC is your net profit.

From one time payment of 0.15 LTC you get 6.95 LTC net profit, and 6 x 0.15 LTC A-stage positions (total worth 7.85 LTC).

Frequently Asked Question

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want.

You earn 0.15 LTC in direct referral commission for EACH new referral,
starting with your 2nd referral joined. With 2nd referral you breakeven (your initial investment is returned)

When you cycle A stage you will earn 0.15 LTC
when you cycle B stage you will earn 0.46 LTC
when you cycle C stage you will earn 1.04 LTC
when you cycle D stage you will earn 5.30 LTC
+ you earn commission whenever each one of your referrals completes a stage.

Yes, at least 1, so you get upgraded to Company Forced matrix.
From 2nd referral you also directly earn 0.15 LTC for each new referral joined.

Starting with your 2nd referral you earn 0.15 LTC each time a new referral joins your downline.
If your referrals have position in CF matrix,
you also will receive 0.07 LTC each time your referral cycle A stage,
0.15 LTC when cycle B stage,
0.20 LTC when cycle C stage,
0.25 LTC when cycle D stage.
(0.67 LTC per referral in total, multiplied by number of your referrals meeting these conditions)
So 0.82 LTC total per one referral cycling all the CF stages.

Almost. When you wish to withdraw your earnings, just request a payout.
For security reasons, payouts are done by a human so don't worry if it
takes some time for the transaction to actually head for your wallet,
as our staff needs to be available to do it.

You start with a 1-Line Follow Me matrix for 0.15 LTC per position.
This upgrades you to a full membership,
and enables you to refer your associates to your downline.

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