C4E has created a unique way to put money into the pockets

of anyone who wants to make money online. This is a worldwide program, and will not stop unless people decide they no longer need money (and who doesn't need money 😁).

Think of all people that require an extra income, and can do so from a one-time tiny investment. As the plan is affordable for all, it's a viable investment opportunity.


Cycler 4 Ever is a hybrid model of a cycler and a straight-line matrix combined.

Stage A:
- Give 0.15 LTC, receive 4x0.15 LTC, from that 0.60 LTC system automatically buys you Stage B for 0.38 LTC, 0.07 LTC goes to you sponsor and 0.15 LTC is your net profit - practically you have got your initial 0.15 LTC back.
Stage B:
- Give 0.38 LTC, receive 4x0.38 LTC, from that 1.52 LTC system buys you Stage C for 0.76 LTC, for 0.15 LTC buys you 1 A-stage position, 0.15 LTC goes to your sponsor and 0.46 LTC is your net profit.
Stage C:
- Give 0.76 LTC, receive 4x0.76 LTC, from that 3.04 LTC system buys you Stage D for 1.50 LTC, for 0.30 LTC bays you 2 A-stage positions, 0.20 LTC goes to your sponsor, and 1.04 LTC is your net profit.
Stage D:
- Give 1.50 LTC, receive 4x1.50 LTC, from that 6.00 LTC system buys you 3 A-stage positions for 0.45 LTC, 0.25 LTC goes to your sponsor and and 5.30 LTC is your net profit.

From one time payment of 0.15 LTC you get 6.95 LTC net profit, and 6 x 0.15 LTC A-stage positions (total worth 7.85 LTC).

Frequently Asked Question

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want.

When you cycle A stage you will earn 0.15 LTC
when you cycle B stage you will earn 0.46 LTC
when you cycle C stage you will earn 1.04 LTC
when you cycle D stage you will earn 5.30 LTC

No, you don't need referrals - this is company forced cycler

If your referral has positions, you will receive 0.07 LTC each time your referral cycle A stage, 0.15 LTC when cycle B stage, 0.20 LTC when cycle C stage, 0.25 LTC when cycle D stage. (0.60 LTC per referral)

Yes, when you request withdrawal manually you will receive it instant on your wallet.

You can start only from A stage 0.15 LTC position.

Go to Deposit Funds page on your dashboard,
select a payment method (listed crypto currencies)
and enter an amount in LTC you wish to load your account with,
and then click on the Deposit Funds button.
When you do that, an Invoice is created with CoinPayments
and you have initiated a Purchase.

And then do just as instructed -
send a EXACT amount that is shown, to the given address,

That is net amount - transaction fee is to be paid by You,
so the address can receive the exact amount shown.
If you send less, or more, Your transaction will be declined,
and any funds that you have sent can be refunded
only once the transactions times out -
you will receive an email from CoinPayments informing you
of the steps you must take to get your funds back.
CoinPayments handles all crypto payments,
and it is Your sole responsibility to do the payment right.
We can't influence the payment process in any way,
as we don't handle those payments,
we only get notified by CoinPayments once your transaction is complete,
and we credit your account for the amount that you have deposited.

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